Processing of Chestnut Wood

Chinucci Legnami is a company specialising in the import and processing of chestnut wood. Our tradition is synonymous with passion and a deep knowledge of the properties of wood and its applications, abilities that result in the careful selection of quality timbers.


Solid chestnut beams made of various measurements or to customer requirements.



Rafters for roofing and chestnut wood roofs



We manufacture roof trusses and other items to support our quality structures, designed to last.



Our production of planks for attics and lofts, finds its strength in the drying process which gives the product stability and longevity.



Our culture of protection and respect for the environment, promotes the rediscovery and re-use of wood as a raw material. Posts for fences and bioengineering are an example.

Chinucci legnami

Artisan lumberjacks specialised in the field of chestnut wood.

Chestnut wood is the main raw material used because it is natural, renewable and recyclable.
The processing procedures are performed in full respect of the environment, which is essential because the wood will continue to be an inexhaustible resource for all.

Chestnut Wood

Quest for quality in raw materials

Founded in 1997 by the passion of the Chinucci brothers, who are always in search of quality raw materials. Our dedicated staff is made up of “masters” of the industry that still begin the production cycle, using the traditional method of coppicing the chestnut woodlands.

Materials in stock

Beams, rafters, trusses, timber joinery and planks as well as products for agriculture. The 30,000 square metre warehouse offers a vast array of items and an almost unlimited availability of materials.

Chestnut: excellent for building

We create structures of great technical precision and high aesthetic value. Chestnut wood is more versatile and long-lasting for use as structural support.

Oven drying: stability and longevity

We have our own ovens and we take care of the drying process directly, ensuring a quality product. We are among the few in our industry to offer a valuable service for the quality of timber joinery and attics.

Use of chestnut

For its physical characteristics – first of all, durability and resistance to moisture, the chestnut wood lends itself to many applications. Used as a building material for interior and exterior, is a viable solution for sheds, pergolas, fences and enclosures, but is also used in the area for paving and furniture.









wood cutting
Most of our product comes from forest areas adjacent to our company that was actually created in an area of the country already very rich in chestnut wood. We use the traditional coppicing method in managing our forest areas.


The production process begins with the procurement phases. The logs cut from the forests are transported to the warehouse to be sent for process selection and processing.

Drying in ovens

wood drying
We are among the few in our industry to offer a valuable service for the quality of timber joinery and attic / under roof area. We have our own ovens and we take care of the process directly, ensuring a quality product.


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